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About Local Web Search Results

Local Web Search Results was developed to answer the online marketing needs of local business. We started as a local web design business and still for the most part operate as a local business...although admittedly we have bigger aspirations. Our plan is to become a national resource for small businesses across the country.

Our business started as a local web devlopment firm delivering web design and development services to small and medium sized business. We very quickly came to understand that what our customers needed more than a web site was a web strategy. Frankly, so did we! Our solutions migrated from web development to web marketing in order to deliver what our clients really needed and to insure that our company would survive the onslaught of web design competitors. 

Web marketing encompasses a lot of different areas. We focus on five specific areas of internet marketing. The first three involve how and where you show up in a typical web search. The anatomy of a search result is pretty simple. You have the sponsored listings (usually at the top and down the right hand side), the MAPS listings (usually appear for geographic searches) and the Organic Listings. So that's three. Also, businesses need to interact with their community. The best way to do that for many business is via social media (like facebook, linkedIN, Twitter and YouTube). We also encourage the direct communication with clients and prospects and the easiest most effective way to do that is with email marketing solutions.

Every business has access to all of these marketing channels. Few understand how to develop and implement a strategy relative to business development. That's what Local Web Search Results brings to the party

  • Optimized Pay Per Click services bring immediate prospects to your website
  • Search Engine Optimization helps your company website rank in the top 10
  • Local MAPS optimization to improve the chances of ranking high in the MAPS listings
  • Social Media Strategy Planning and Profile Population 
  • Email marketing and newsletter for lead generation and lead conversions
  • Social Media Optimization to improve the overall effectiveness of your Social Media strategy

There is no straight route. While any business can take advantage of any of these services, the best approach is to establish a plan that considers all of the above resources. The best way to start is to contact us.

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