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MAPS - Your key to finding local customers

What is "LOCAL" search? Typically, when your business relies on a local market, anyone searching for your products or services in that market will be presented with a set of LOCAL search results. Major Yellow Page categories fall into this type of search. Very often, the MAPS listings are ignored in a search engine optimization campaign and this is a huge mistake. The LOCAL listings can often be more important than the organic and sponsored listings. If you're considering mobile marketing for Dayton Ohio, it starts with a good LOCAL listing strategy.

Help with LOCAL Listings

LOCAL listings are optimized by a completely different set of criteria. Showing up in the number one organic position doesn't guarantee you a result in the LOCAL listings. There are numerous factors not considered in organic SEO that will affect your LOCAL SEO listings including: location (duh...), citatations (listing your business in other local directories) and reviews to name three.


Our goal is to help you create some LOCAL "weight" by helping you first create a complete profile and then submitting that profile to over 200 LOCAL oriented sites and directories. We also help you claim your MAPS listing in Google (if it exists) and then go about optimizing that for your products and services.

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